How to Make Money on Amazon Without Selling

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There are several ways to make money on amazon without selling. Some methods are more passive than others, but all can generate a steady stream of income.

One option is to become an Amazon affiliate and promote products through your social media accounts. This method can be a great way to make money while working from home.

1. Become an Amazon affiliate

Amazon runs one of the most popular affiliate programs, which allows you to earn money when someone clicks on your link and purchases a product. You can sign up for the program using a website, mobile app, or social media account. You will then be given an Associates ID, which is a tracking code that you can use in your affiliate links.

Once you become an affiliate, you can promote products on your website, social media accounts, or in your email newsletters. However, be sure to follow Amazon’s guidelines for affiliates to avoid getting your account suspended or banned.

Another way to make money on amazon without selling is to start a blog and create premium-quality content about your niche. Make sure to include product-centric content and contextual affiliate links, which will increase your chances of earning more money. Then, promote the products on your affiliate links through paid social and Google ads. This is a great way to monetize your passion project and make a steady stream of passive income.

2. Create a blog

If you have the time and talent for it, blogging is a great way to make money online. It allows you to write about a variety of topics and earn income through sponsored blog posts, advertising, or selling your own products and services.

You can also make money by writing and publishing books on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform. This is a great option for writers who want to monetize their content without having to worry about finding an agent or publisher.

Finally, you can also make money by using an advertising network like AdSense to display ads on your website. This is a popular way to monetize blogs, especially those with a large audience. However, you should note that it’s best to disclose when a post is sponsored. This will protect you from any potential legal issues. Moreover, it will ensure that your readers understand that you’re receiving compensation for the recommendations you make.

3. Create a website

Creating an Amazon affiliate website is a great way to make money from the comfort of home. You can also earn by promoting products on social media or through other websites. During the sign-up process, Amazon will ask you to describe how you plan to drive traffic and what kind of revenue your site or apps generate each month.

To maximize your income, it’s best to choose a series of products with high margins. This will help you avoid being hit with expensive shipping fees and other costs associated with selling physical goods. Also, consider looking for popular items that are in demand. For example, high end appliances, furniture, BBQs, blenders and juicers, and bikes can all net you a solid $50 per sale.

Another way to make money on Amazon is by signing up for their Mechanical Turk (or MTurk) program. This crowdsourcing service allows you to complete easy tasks, called HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks) for a small payment.

4. Create an email list

One of the most effective ways to make money on Amazon is by creating an email list. This method allows you to send out periodic emails about new products and promotions. It also helps you increase the number of sales you make. In addition, it provides a way to make money from your website traffic.

Many people make a lot of money on Amazon by writing and self-publishing nonfiction ebooks using their Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform. These books are often on topics that are of interest to millions of Amazon Kindle users. For example, a book about gardening or knitting could be very profitable.

Another popular way to earn income on Amazon is by using retail arbitrage. This is a business model where you buy low-priced items from a physical store and sell them at a higher price online. This can be a great source of passive income, but it can also be very time-consuming.

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Author: Christopher
Christopher D. Sciullo is a Million Dollar Online Seller. Mixing both Physical and Digital Products. Almost 1/3 of his sales are attributed to Affiliate Marketing.