Make Money at Home Online Jobs

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make money at home online jobs

From blogging to designing social media graphics, there are many ways to make money at home online. Some jobs pay a minimum of $10 per hour while others, such as web design, can earn you six figures a year.

You can also sell things you no longer use at sites like thredUP and eBay. Scout local yard sales, flea markets and Facebook selling groups to find items that you can easily sell online for a profit.

Teaching and Tutoring

The teaching and tutoring industry is one of the most popular and legitimate make money at home online jobs. The demand for education solutions is increasing as students are looking for a way to archive and expand their knowledge. Online teachers can offer live classes or pre-recorded tutorials to help students learn.

Tutors can work with small groups or on a one-to-one basis to provide dedicated mentoring and support to students. They often specialize in specific subjects and use teaching techniques to encourage student learning and understanding of concepts.

Unlike teachers, who are responsible for large groups of students, tutors usually work on a one-to-one basis and are therefore more flexible with their approach to the educational process. They also tend to be paid on an hourly basis, and many tutors are students themselves who seek to earn extra income while they study for their degree. Unlike the fake online tutoring companies which often appear on job search websites, real teachers and tutors have high standards and adhere to best practices.


Blogging isn’t your typical work-from-home job, but it can be lucrative. Bloggers make money from the ads placed on their websites or from digital downloads of their content. They may also earn a salary from companies that hire them to promote their products and services.

Freelance market research analysts are highly sought after and often require a bachelor’s degree. However, micro-job apps like UserTesting offer a fast way to earn some extra cash. They aren’t recommended for long-term side gigs, though.

Print-on-demand business is popular in jewelry, clothing and home decor industries, but it expands to almost any industry that sells a product customers can customize themselves.

A woodworking business requires some capital to get started, but it can be a profitable and flexible option. Another home-based opportunity involves making and selling candles. Creating videos about subjects you’re passionate about is another option. You’ll need to secure rights to music and other content to create compelling videos that generate revenue.

Computer and IT

There are many online jobs that pay on a per-task or hourly basis, but beware of scams. Make sure to do your research on any job that you want to do before applying.

Many computer and IT workers can find online work from home opportunities. These jobs often require a degree, but they may allow you to telecommute and work on your own schedule.

Computers have become a part of our daily lives and help us do tasks, communicate and keep track of information. They can even be used to help the physically challenged, such as Stephen Hawking, who uses a computer to speak.

Rather than taking surveys or working on apps that can net you $100 a day, invest your time into starting a small business. This will make money for you on a regular basis, unlike side gigs or a one-off cash gig from Craigslist. Start a skin care line, for example, and you can generate thousands of dollars each month.


For those looking for a work-from-home career path with higher earning potential, consulting might be the answer. Whether it’s a virtual assistant, customer success manager or telemedicine physician, many of these jobs offer competitive pay and benefits.

These positions often pay per project or task rather than a set annual salary, so your take-home pay will vary considerably. While a virtual assistant job may pay $10 to $15 an hour, other online jobs that require specific skills can pay significantly more.

For example, freelance writers can earn up to $200,000 a year if they’re successful. However, this career path requires a significant investment of time and effort to build up a portfolio and client base. It also helps to have a strong command of grammar and spelling, as well as a background in writing or journalism. Lastly, a high-quality computer is required to perform many of these tasks.

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