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make money online instantly paypal

Many GPT sites pay out quickly through PayPal. If you use the same email address for your PayPal account and your survey site, it will be easy to cash out once you hit a minimum threshold.

While these offers won’t make you rich, they can add up to a small source of passive income. They are also very simple to complete and don’t require any previous work experience.


Swagbucks is a rewards site that pays you for completing surveys, shopping online, watching videos and playing games. It has an excellent rating on Trustpilot and can help you earn real money or gift cards. It won’t make you rich, but it can add up to a few dollars a day.

Some users, called power users, can make as much as $300 a month on Swagbucks. These users spend a few hours each day surfing the web, taking surveys and playing games.

Many people love Swagbucks for its easy mobile app and cash back offers. You can also get a free Honey Chrome extension and earn Gold points when you shop at popular stores. These can be redeemed for PayPal cash or gift cards.

Slice the Pie

Slice the Pie is a site that lets you earn PayPal money by reviewing music and fashion items. You can sign up with a free account and begin rating items that are sent to you. You can also review videos and adverts, but these tend to pay less. Once you have rated enough items, you can start getting paid.

The minimum payout is $10 and you can withdraw twice a week. The website pays via PayPal, and it takes a few days for your earnings to appear in your account. You must make sure that the email address on your Slice the Pie account matches the one on your PayPal account. Otherwise, your payments may not be processed. You can also choose to receive your payments by check.


Mistplay is a legitimate money-making app that pays users to try out mobile video games. It uses a point system that rewards users with Google Play gift cards, prepaid Visa cards, and other prizes. The app is free to download and use, but users must dedicate time to earn rewards.

The app also offers additional ways to earn, including completing daily playstreaks and entering weekly contests. While these bonuses aren’t enough to make you rich, they can help you earn a little extra cash each week.

Players can also earn bonus points by referring friends to the Mistplay app. The more friends they refer, the more units they’ll earn. In addition, players can increase their player level by logging in to the app each day.

Cashback apps

Cash back apps are a great way to earn free money and gift cards. They are easy to use and don’t require much work. The best ones have high payouts and referral programs. Some even let you earn while playing games!

Shopkick is a rewards app that offers a variety of ways to earn cash and gift cards. You can earn kicks, the in-app currency, by visiting stores, scanning product barcodes, and submitting receipts. These rewards can be redeemed for PayPal cash or gift cards.

TopCashBack is another popular cash back app that allows you to earn by playing games, taking surveys, and shopping online. You can also get paid for watching videos, signing up for free trials, and more. You can redeem your earnings for PayPal cash or gift cards starting at $25.


If you’re looking for ways to make some extra PayPal cash, there are plenty of online options. These include survey websites and cashback apps. These tasks are often easy and quick, and they can be quite fun as well. They may not make you rich, but they can add up to a nice little sum over time.

Another great way to earn PayPal money is through referrals. These programs give you a unique link that you can share with friends, and each successful referral will earn you both $10. These sites are a great option for those who want to earn some passive income without leaving the comfort of their homes. They also offer a wide variety of tasks, from taking surveys to testing websites.

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