PayPal Game Apps That Pay Cash Prizes

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If you enjoy playing games, you’ll love these PayPal game apps that pay cash prizes. They’re free and offer a convenient way to earn extra income. You don’t have to stop your game to make payments, so you can play with confidence.

These games reward players with coins that can be redeemed for PayPal cash or gift cards. While they’re not a surefire way to get rich, they can help you pay off bills and expenses.


Givling allows players to play trivia games and earn money for their efforts. These earnings are then paid out in cash via PayPal. Players can also earn additional dollars by purchasing Givling merch and sponsor products. These additional dollars are converted into queue points, which raise a player’s chances of winning the daily prize.

The game has a cult following, and players often discuss their experiences on the Givling Facebook page. Some say the app has helped them overcome their debts and even pay off mortgages. Others say they’re more optimistic about their financial future.

However, Givling isn’t without controversy. Stacey Bosley, a professor at Hamline University who has worked on pyramid scheme litigation, says the app uses many of the same tactics as these schemes to lure players in and keep them playing. Moreover, she believes that the game obscures the risk/reward trade-off that players should consider. The app generates income from sponsorships, ads, and players’ fees. After deductions for Braintree and Paypal charges, 75% of the income goes towards funding the top spot in the Live Funding Queue and 15% goes to daily cash prizes. The rest is used to run the app.


Swagbucks is a legitimate platform that offers real cash and gift cards for completing a variety of tasks. While it’s not something you can make a full-time living from, it is a great way to earn some extra side cash in your spare time. You can earn SBs by taking surveys, shopping online, watching videos, and opting into offers. These SBs can then be redeemed for PayPal cash or gift cards.

Gamers can also earn Swagbucks by playing featured games. The site also offers a search bar that automatically activates cashback and coupon codes, making it easy to save money while you shop. In addition, the Swagbucks app will remind you to click through their portal before you shop online.

While Swagbucks isn’t a way to get rich, it’s an easy and fun way to make some extra spending money. If you spend a lot of time online, it’s worth checking out. Just be sure not to set unrealistic expectations about how much you can earn.


FeaturePoints is a site that rewards you with points for downloading free apps. It has a similar approach to the popular cashback service Quidco. They cooperate with hundreds of stores that pay them a commission when you click on their links. They then share that money with you.

Once you have accumulated enough points, you can redeem them for cash or Bitcoin Cryptocurrency. You can also use them to purchase merchandise and other gifts. The minimum payout threshold is $3000, and you can make one redemption per week.

You can also earn money by referring friends to the site. FeaturePoints has an offer wall that pays you for taking extra surveys, signing up for free trials, and subscribing to newsletters. In addition, it offers free contests that you can participate in. These can be a great way to earn additional income. Moreover, you can even win big prizes in these contests!


Ebates is one of the easiest ways to make money online. It is free to join and requires no personal information. You can get a Big Fat Check in the mail or have your cash back deposited in your PayPal account, whatever is most convenient for you. The site is completely legitimate and has an A rating from the BBB.

It works by referring customers to online stores that pay them commissions when they shop through their links. These commissions are then shared with the members. They also offer in-store offers that let you earn cashback at your local stores, making it easy to save money online and offline.

Ebates has been around for years and is well-known in the personal finance space. It was recently acquired by Rakuten, a Japanese company that has a long history of consumer services. However, not much has changed since the acquisition and Ebates still provides the same cashback service that it always has.

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